Target BACRIM: Colombian Docugame

A documentary game in which the player, in the role of journalist, is confronted with the ongoing narratives of social cleansing, extortion, and exploitation in Colombian regions intersected by mafia organizations, referred to collectively as the BACRIM. They are tasked with seeking their missing colleague, and in the process collects and presents information in the form of documentary footage.

Ultimately, depending on their decisions and gameplay, the player will have a unique collection of assets that they can tweak to offer their perspective on the most important, most emotive, or most informative aspects of their Colombian journey, which they can then upload in a punchy video format to social media sites to share with their friends.

Working with: journalist, filmmaker and lecturer Mat Charles of Guerrilla Pictures and Bournemouth University; writer and lecturer Brad Gyori also of Bournemouth University; and product designer and UX expert Erika Grijalva. I am currently the lead developer of the project, working within Unity, and heavily involved with game design and player experience.

A demo is available here, and a release window should be announced soon. Watch this space!