Both my final year project, and something I had been evaluating for a while, I created an example port of a complex, non-traditional UDK game (specifically Unreal Engine 3) to the iOS platform. This requires plenty of technical alterations, as well as a complete revamp of the interface and control scheme to match the mobile device. The game I chose was Mendel's Farm, both for personal and for academic reasons (I have a strong understanding of the codebase, for example), and, whilst the final ported product had a flawed input system in need of improvement, ultimately the end result was a functional scaled down but technically proficient version of the full PC version of Mendel's Farm.

This was a dissertation project that received a first grade, with praise given to the technical efficiency, and creative programming to work around unsupported and undocumented game features. 

More information on this project, as well as the final dissertation piece, can be found on my blog.