Undergraduate Degree Get!

I am very happy indeed to announce that I have (finally) completed my BSc Games Technology degree at Bournemouth University, with a 1st overall (my final grade was 74%). It has been a completely revolutionary four years, as it should be, and I'm extremely pleased with the end result. Most, if not all, of my university work can be found on this very blog, if you're interested. Following on from this, I shall be posting about my dissertation project results and findings soon. (Spoilers: Unreal Engine 3 on PC and on iOS are two completely different beasts.)

Now that this is complete, I am starting an Engineering Doctorate, still at Bournemouth University, with the Centre for Digital Entertainment. It allows me to not only be funded for research, but also have some creative input as to the topic focus, which is important to me. I'm hoping from this that I will be able to take the skills from my BSc and make gaming projects with an objective societal benefit. I've yet to narrow down an research focus other than something vaguely related to educational content (as inspired by my work on Mendel's Farm), but in the coming months I will post with more concrete details. 

Watch this space.