Dementia Research Jam

Run by the Centre for Digital Entertainment (CDE) and Bournemouth University Dementia Institute (BUDI), I attended a two-day research jam in which, in teams with other EngD research students, we came up with novel and innovative apps and games for one of three briefs laid out by BUDI. These apps and games were designed to either raise awareness of, or assist people with dementia, from aiding living with memory loss, to fighting the societal stigma against the disease.

My team, the aptly named Happy Teapots (we drank a lot of tea, and was somewhat delirious by the end of the second day), designed an app which allowed adolescents and people living with dementia to bond and connect using the universal language of music. This also links to the well-explored field of music therapy, which has deep links within dementia support. I cannot outline more of the design here, just in case there is a wish to develop it further at a later date.

The Happy Teapots

The Happy Teapots

I am very proud to say that we won Best Pitch for our efforts, in most part thanks to Owen O'Neill and Rosie Campbell, the two tasked with presenting our design to the Dragon's Den style panel. I'd like to think we came close to winning Best Team and Best Product, but the actual winners were certainly worthy of their prizes!

All in all it was an excellent experience getting to interact with other CDE students in an action-packed, fast-moving environment, and I'm looking forward to other similarly themed CDE events in the future.