Dissertation Project Announcement

It's finally been confirmed so I'm now able to announce my university final year project: I will be creating an evaluation and documentation on porting non-traditional UDK games to the iOS platform.

Non-traditional is defined as basically that, it's anything not a first/third person game with the typical control scheme. This is something I've been inspired to investigate after researching the PC to iOS conversion process, with Mendel's Farm in mind, and being disappointed at the lack of documentation. The current build of Mendel's Farm is the example game I will be using, but this doesn't necessarily mean there's going to be a fully fledged iOS port just yet.

Here's a breakdown of the project work:

  • Research porting UE3 games from PC to mobile
  • Port components individually
  • Document the porting process
  • Make and document stumbling blocks and potential workarounds
  • Explore how workarounds affect the gameplay itself
  • Panel a small sample group to see whether compromises to the gameplay affect the general enjoyment and appeal of the title
  • Note performance and a snapshot of the core gameplay as it exists on PC and as it exists at that stage on iOS
  • Document major limitations

I will be using Unreal Engine 3, not Unreal Engine 4 for a few reasons. Namely, at this stage UE4 releases are few and far between, and the engine is not fully capable enough yet for it to be worth rushing ahead with documentation. Plus, porting is for existing games, and there's bound to be developer's with a UE3 back catalogue that this information might assist.

I'll be updating as the project progresses, so watch this space!