Insomnia53 - Chaos in Coventry

I think it's fair to say I've only just recovered from this previous weekend at Insomnia53 in Coventry showcasing Mendel's Farm with Ryan Pinfield (featured in photos below). It was an absolutely exhausting three days.

Following on from my experience at Game City 9, the volume of younger folk interested in Mendel's Farm completely overwhelmed me. It was absolutely wonderful to get these kids interested in science and the Mendelian inheritance behind the game, even (especially!) with the interest being grabbed through fire breathing chickens and cows with butterfly wings.

Our stall neighbours were Daniel Mather with Colour Me Crazy and Alex Johansson with Narcissus, both, it goes without saying, with excellent games. I had a lot of fun encouraging Dan to incorporate speedrunning elements into Colour Me Crazy, only to then go and beat those times again and again after other gamers beat the record. All the game needs now is more content and levels, and it's golden.

One thing I really noticed about the event is that, despite the entire indie section that I'm very lucky to be a part of, the audience in attendance really knew what they were there for, and that was Twitch streamers, YouTube personalities and the big multiplayer games. Not a complaint per se, but it was interesting to see the majority of groups hitting our areas be the stranded parents, older siblings, and, well, "+1s". The event was so jam packed full of things to see and play, that I don't find this surprising in the slightest!

The biggest highlight has to be the extravaganza that is the Insomnia quiz night and awards ceremony. It was full of internet memes, free booze, and an actually well formatted and thought out quiz (worth noting). It was all in support of Special Effect, a very awesome charity bringing gaming to those with disabilities, so, you know, check them out.