Portfolio Upgrade

UPDATE: This portfolio was graded for an assignment and received a 67%. Praised was the layout, design and industry relevancy. Main criticism was low content. That's my fault for losing previous year's project files!

It is about time that my dusty old blog was updated to match the unrealistic standards of today's society. So here it is, TJ Matthews' portfolio 2.0. Contained within these virtual walls are the remains of my sanity converted into wonderfully crafted examples of games design and programming (as well as a few other areas).

I have jumped ship from Wordpress and joined the rank of other portfolios using Squarespace as their platform of choice. The service itself was recommended to me by an absolutely fantastic podcast (namely Hello Internet, run and 'voiced' by CGP Grey and Brady of numerous educational YouTube channels).

If this is your first time here, then I'd recommend going to the bio page to hear my story. Or if stories bore you then the projects page has the work I'm proud of.