Mendel Wednesday - Work Habits

As seen on the Static Games blog.

As we go into another long week of Mendel's Farm development I'm going to write about how our days are structured. We're a team of student developers scattered across the south coast of the UK (although the majority of us are in not-so-sunny Bournemouth), and without a formal office we all work from home most of the time.

With us all working from home, communication is absolutely vital. The hardest things about the start-up of this company has been the balancing of external commitments, especially when there is seven of us doing it. We all have our own timetables and work hours, with some working hours close to what Gregor Mendel himself would be expectant of in his monastery! The majority of our individual work days is spent working in solitude, or within pairs or small groups, as a result of this conflict. This is not a negative though, due to our project planning which means that there is a good chain of communication and no-one is left without tasks or a kind face to turn to.

As for the day-to-day, it's all pretty boring. Obviously I do not speak for the entirety of the team, but for myself my usual routine is: wake up, boot up laptop, get cleaned/dressed/fed, work until lunch, have lunch, work until dinner, have dinner, work until tired, sleep. Rinse and repeat. That's assuming that it's a traditional programming day, which it often isn't. My guidance through the day is an extensive iTunes collection and tea-making facilities, but make no mistake about how difficult our days are. Games development can be a tedious task at the best of times, but it comes with its rewards.

It's not all work and no play at Static Games though! Whenever we can we're getting together to discuss work, life and the wonders of the universe. Often we'll play video games or Dungeons and Dragons knock-offs. I personally cook, play video games or go exploring. Below are genuine quotes from my other Static Games team members about how they relax in their spare time:

Owen :- "Playing games!"

Simon :- "I like watching films, listening to music, exercising, reading and being out and about; anything that's not coding-related!"

Dan :- "Sleep, the occasional toilet break."

Robin :- "Hanging out with friends and having a coffee and/or pint."

Brett :- "Sleep, go for a walk, play games or watch"

Ryan :- "Play video games and see my beautiful girlfriend." -Urgh-

So yeah, we're an atypical bunch of 20-something games developers in their prime! As always, any comments or questions leave them below. Until next week, stay wonderful gamers.