Mendel Wednesday - Unreal Engine

As seen on the Static Games blog.

Mendel's Farm is, as always, coming along nicely, but we've had a couple of questions in regards to our usage of the Unreal Engine, and what we hope to achieve.

To recap, Mendel's Farm is being made using Unreal Engine 3, with the Unreal Development Kit. We've been using the Unreal Engine since Mendel's Farm was a competition piece for the Make Something Unreal Live competition back in 2013, as this was a core element of the competition, but the engine has proven itself to be so versatile and enabling that we kept developing using it. One of my favourite things about Mendel's Farm at the moment is the ability to zoom around the farm in 3D, and see your animals and crops up close (with Brett Whitehead's beautiful 3D models, of course!). As for the models, in 3D space we found that it became easier to differentiate between mutation types and strengths. These are just some of the reasons why Mendel's Farm is a 3D game. Obviously 3D comes with the drawback of requiring better hardware to run, but trust me we are working super hard to get the game as hardware compatible as possible before launch.

So now you know why Mendel's Farm exists in the 3D plane, but why are we using the Unreal Engine? Simply put, it's the best tool out there for our needs! It is extremely flexible in it's usage, comes pre-packed with all the relevant tools we need, and is one of the least processor intensive of the range we explored. The build-in mesh morphing is essential to our game, and is able to be programmed very nicely using UnrealScript.

Also, in case you are interested, the tools that we do use are as follows: Unreal Engine/UDK for core game, Autodesk Scaleform and Adobe Flash for the HUD/User Interface, Adobe Photoshop for textures and 2D assets, and the open-source Blender for 3D modelling and animations. Until next week, stay wonderful, gamers.