Mendel Wednesday - Two Thousand and Fourteen

As seen on the Static Games blog.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the first Mendel Wednesday update of 2014. This truly is revolutionary stuff. With the turn of the New Year comes a re-evaluation of one's life, hence the surge of resolutions, be them physical, mental or spiritual. For us at Static Games we're looking forward to our most awesome year and for myself personally the end of the year has meant some truly deep personal re-evaluation and soul-searching which, and it's taking some courage to admit to this... has resulted in a new animation tree structure for the chicken's animations.

Guess I'm kinda boring eh?

UDK has some really nice features for merging together animations. This post is going to go into some technical details, so if you haven't used UDK I would expect some of this to not mean much. However there are plenty of resources online (*ahem*) that explain animation nodes, so I recommend looking at those as well.

In UDK the merging together of animations is referred to as blending, and the engine offers a few interesting ways of controlling this blend. I've been using two for Mendel's Farm at the moment. The first of which is AnimNodeBlendByProperty, which allows us to switch between two animation branches either using a boolean for a two-pathed binary set-up, or using a byte for when more than two is needed. This simply allows us to alter the animations is the animal is hungry/ill etc.


The other useful one is AnimNodeRandom which allows us to attach multiple animation sequences and have them played on loop in a random order. This is used for variations on the idle animations.


So there you have it. Any more information than that and I'd just be divulging company secrets. Plus, I might need material for next weeks update. Until then, stay wonderful gamers!