Mendel Wednesday - Greenlight

As seen on the Static Games blog.

As of last week Mendel's Farm has returned to Steam Greenlight which I couldn't be more excited about! To have our game there on one of the most popular markets on the PC, albeit not released yet, is a sign of good things to come. Since Steam Greenlight began operating in 2012, it has allowed such amazing games as Papers Please, Risk of Rain and Game Dev Tycoon but, unlike it's spiritual companion Kickstarter, there is a lack of developers talking about the Greenlight process. It might be due to the infancy of the scheme and the small list of Greenlight games to actually be hugely successful, who knows, but we're here and I thought I'll talk about what we're doing with Greenlight.

For starters, why are we even bothering with Greenlight in the first place? Well that's simple: It's our only choice to get on Steam at the moment. Look forward to seeing Mendel's Farm on DesuraGreen Man Gaming and the Humble Store when we release, but none of these platforms have the impact that Steam does. It is probably because of the success of the platform that Valve have been more reserved in allowing an open marketplace (although this could be in the works according to Gabe Newell) so as to maintain the overall standard of quality for the platform. Steam is important to us because it means that, in the long run, more people get to/will play Mendel's Farm.

Posting a title on Steam Greenlight couldn't be easier really. All we did was create a Steam account for the company, pay the £70 fee (which all goes to Child's Play, by the way, a fantastic move by Valve in my opinion) and just post our game up with the relevant information. Apart from the fee there is nothing stopping small developers like ourselves from at least making an attempt at getting on Steam.


We initially went the obvious route and posted our game straight up on Greenlight to get the Steam community to vote and give feedback, but, due to the fact that our game isn't released yet, that wasn't the correct place and thus we changed our game from a Greenlight product to a Greenlight concept. The difference is small but important. Concepts offer developers like ourselves a platform to receive feedback, post assets and generally create discussion for the game but because there is no game to be played yet, there is therefore nothing to "Greenlight" as it were, it doesn't belong in the main Greenlight section just yet.

As soon as we're ready to release Mendel's Farm it will shoot straight back over to the main Greenlight category (and we'll likely post when that happens) and we'll go from there. If we're lucky popularity and our involvement with the Wellcome Trust and MSUL 2013 will get Mendel's Farm as a released title on Steam in no time! Not only that, but having one product on Steam is a foot in the door, as it were, so future products of ours are more likely to be released on the Steam market. If there is anything you're interested in about the Greenlight process and the release of Mendel's Farm leave a comment below or contact me directly. Until next week, stay wonderful gamers.