Mendel Wednesday - Crops

As seen on the Static Games blog.

This week I'm here to give a quick update on the crops system. As I stare out of my window at the dreary December downpour I wonder about leaving this office to join Mendel on the farm where the sun is always shining and the crops and always growing. You will have all seen Brett's posts about his work on the crops and their animations this week. He's done some fantastic work on putting the fun into farming and turning the simple process of planting and harvesting crops into a cartoony set of animations to match the rest of the game world. Below is a quick video showcasing one example of this animation:

For the rest of them you'd just have to play Mendel's Farm! Sorry this week's update is so brisk, but as you can imagine we're all a little busy with Xmas and more. Join us next week for when Static Games goes international! Until next time, stay wonderful gamers.