Mendel Wednesday - Behind the Scenes

As seen on the Static Games blog.

Progress on Mendel’s Farm is going smashingly, and now that I've got a bit of downtime it’s about time I update our adoring fans. Since the last Mendel Wednesday there have been a few interesting developments I can talk about, and the rest is work behind closed doors to ensure Mendel’s Farm will be an awesome game when it comes out.

The biggest piece of news is that we've now on the first official alpha build update since Christmas, and possibly Make Something Unreal Live. The game is there to be messed with, and it was very much so by some good friends of ours. Obviously there were bugs, nobody’s perfect, but it was refreshing to discover aforementioned bugs had easy fixes and the rest would be fixed naturally with coding developments. Soon the major milestone of a beta build will be upon us.

You've also seen the post updates about our interface and code monkey Ryan attending EGX Rezzed a few weeks ago. He certainly enjoyed himself, and Mendel’s Farm was shown off to journalists, fellow game designers and whoever would listen and we received some fantastic feedback which is being plugged straight into the brain tube to be processed into game design ideas. If anyone saw or was harassed by Ryan, let us know!

Speaking of which, Ryan has been hard at work creating more informative and intuitive HUD elements for the game, which will be shown off in coming promotional media. For someone whose experience with game HUDs span the timespan of Mendel’s Farm and not much else, they are looking wonderful and a job well done is deserved.

I have been bucking my head down and coding away, as the game isn't going to make itself, and the bugs would take over if they had their way. It’s mostly work behind the scenes, but a large update is the introduction to another animal on the farm in the form of four-legged bacon machines. Pigs as designed by Brett have now made it into the game a proper and can be seen interacting with their feathered friends. Brett’s work has been on the models of the game, so keep your eyes peeled right here for more pictures of his work in the coming week. Until then, take care everyone.