Back to Bedlam

It's been a rather eventful and interesting summer for me, one with lots of change to discuss.

For starters I'm back at my final year at Bournemouth University, and Mendel's Farm isn't quite finished yet. The plan, as it stands, is to continue development of the game whilst at university, but to not offer concrete release dates in case the swarm of university work takes over our lives, as it's bound to!

Mendel's Farm itself is really in the absolute final stages to development, prior to testing and distribution. As it stands I only have a few remaining tasks, as follows:

  • Design and create an improved tutorial system.
  • Import and implement the cows, the final animal available on Mendel's Farm.
  • Minor improvements to input and interface (from the coding end, the Scaleform work is handled by Ryan).
  • Create footage for a promotional video. (I hope to make a post about this when the video is completed.)