3D Modelling for High and Low Poly Considerations

UPDATE: This assignment received a 78% grade. Praised were the attention to detail, and advanced techniques utilized. Main criticisms were polygon distribution on the low poly model, and lack of referenced material in the documentation.

As part of a university assignment we were tasked in creating both a low poly (<1500 polys) and high poly (no upper limit) model of a statue of our choosing. I chose the Winged Lion statue found on Holburn Viaduct in London, as seen in the reference image below. The software I used for this was ZBrush and Blender.

All in all it took about 40 hours to complete, and as someone with almost no artistic talent usually, I have to say I'm rather proud of the end result. This assignment was also aided massively by the addition of a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet, as lent by a good friend, which I'm planning to add to my setup as an essential part of any asset creation. It's one of those tools that you don't realise you need until you have it.

In the attached video is the final product. I'll also link my final report here, for more information on the process of making the statue and baking the normal map for the low poly version.

In conclusion, given the opportunity, I would change the following:

  • The tail is too rigid. This is because I wasn't experienced enough with the moving tools available in ZBrush.
  • The lion's paw isn't curved enough on the sphere. My attempts at rotation only distorted the arm. Also see previous.
  • The normal map doesn't quite sit right. I'm sure this is a problem solved by changing settings, but I didn't yet have the ability to identify the issue.