Flashback - Super Meat Boy Explodes on PC

This is a news article for an event which occurred in February 2011. Not exactly cutting edge, but it did interest me at the time.

Super Meat Boy, the hit indie game by two-man crew Team Meat, made its way to Steam recently and made outstanding sales. The game launched on XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) at a price of 800MS (~£6.85) as an early Xmas treat for both fans and early adopters, before finalizing on a price of 1200MS (~£10.28) in late November. However, even with this treat for customers, the game's PC sales, Steam specifically, outshone those on XBLA substantially. It is reported that in the first two weeks of its release on the platform, the PC sales already surpassed those seen on Microsoft's console.

Whilst obviously congratulations are in order for Team Meat and the Steam community, fans and regulars of the console downloadable market should not take this news lightly. The idea of releasing Super Meat Boy at an initially discounted price and then raising to the standard was one of Team Meat themselves, which apparently took a while to sell to the Microsoft executives. It's hard to argue against this being a great thing for the customer, and a good way of garnering interest early on in the release schedule. With this recent news though, Microsoft representatives may regard the venture as a general failure and not support the idea in the future. Considering Microsoft's infamous approach to download charges on their Xbox Live service, this would not be surprising.

This once again shows why many independent developers have chosen PC as their platform of choice: the costs and risks involved are dramatically lower, and the audience has a greater diversity and willingness to spend on original/unique IPs.