Video games have often offered me an escape from reality where needed during my life, offering better motivation, reward, and narrative than my surroundings. The goal of my career is to understand these gaming experiences and how to harness mentally-stimulating game design for social change in the world.

I started creating games in college, and that's when it was truly cemented that game design was a passion. This carried through graduating BSc Games Technology with a 1st grade at Bournemouth University, where I remain currently engaged in an Engineering Doctorate with the Centre for Digital Entertainment.

I'm currently seeking research partners for my second year of postgraduate study moving forwards. If you are interested in working on a collaboration together - and for any other queries - drop me an email, or check my Twitter for unfiltered updates and thoughts.

Research Interests:

  • Games for Social Change
  • Prosocial Design
  • Serious Games
  • Educational Games
  • Psychology of Video Games
  • Affective Game Design
  • Emotional Psychology
  • Player Behavioural Modelling